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Saturday, July 30, 2016
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"Evolution" Timing advance processors   Full programmable by PC application. Real time trimming. Available for inductive ckp and hall effect sensors. Special harnesses for most kind of vehicle´s original connectors.  
Timing Advance Processors Timing advance processors change the original spark advance of the engine while operating on CNG or LPG, in order to optimize the engine’s operation with these alternative fuels. Different models for coil (1 or 2), inductive ckp and Hall effect sensor. Apt for vehicles with TPS with signal of direct signal (0 at 5 Volts), or inverted signal (5 a 0 Volts). Intelligent emulation of MAP that allows the motor to obtain the suitable advances to optimize their yield... Special harnesses available to interface with the vehicle’s original connectors.  
Conversion kits   Complete set of high quality components for different kinds of vehicles convertion to CNG/LPG.    
Change-Over swicht.   Swicht for carburator systema vehicles.
Emulators and Simulators Lambda probe simulator Multiseñal programmable. These warehouses have 8 different signals to suit most vehicles. Emulators single point injection cars with...  
Close loope system   Full power improving the vehicle´s performance.
Integrator   Injector emulator for 4 cylinders vehicles. Lambda probe simulator. Timing advance processor by MAP/MAF or caudalímeter...
Sequential Injection System It ensures optimum fuel metering and substantial reduction of pollutant emissions in all conditions of engine work.

Sequential injection system

For 4, 6 y 8 Cylinders.

Integrator 5 in 1

- Mini wrench injection vehicles.
- Emulator MCU to 4 cylinders.
- Closed loop system.
- Lambda sensor emulator.
- Spell forward by MAP / MAF.



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